The Q3 Project

Directly opposite the entrance to the ECB, the Q3 complex consists of four town houses that complement the two existing blocks of the Quartier East.

Two new buildings have been erected on either side of two old buildings, which have themselves been radically revitalised to restore them to their former glory. The Gründerzeit architecture with its design principles forms a pleasant contrast to the current trend for “box architecture”.

The complex has a total of 36 high-quality freehold apartments.

Already built: Q1 and Q2

Q 1

27 high-quality freehold apartments – of which 3 are exclusive penthouses – ranging from approx. 100 m² to approx. 234 m²

Q 2

21 high-quality freehold apartments – of which 2 are exclusive penthouses – ranging from approx. 65 m² to approx. 153 m²

Stefan Forster Architekten

Founded in Darmstadt in 1989, Stefan Forster Architekten is now based in Frankfurt am Main and tackles the various facets of urban residential building. The scope ranges from projects related to the “Stadtumbau Ost” urban redevelopment programme to city housing and the tranformation of empty office buildings to residential space. The work of Stefan Forster Architekten is firmly rooted in the continuing tradition of the European city and has won numerous prizes, including the European Urban Development Award.